Used Tire Warehouse is committed to customer service excellence by providing the very best in quality used tires to suit our customer’s needs. We strive to provide the best product to our customers whether you’re buying a single used tire or a container load.

Used Tire Warehouse has 45 years experience in the used tire industry. We are proud to say we are a family owned business. With decades of a passion for the used tire business, we strive to find only the highest quality used tires. We also take much satisfaction in providing only the very best in customer service. We ensure from your first contact with us to the final delivery that you get exactly what you are looking for in your product. We can also offer suggestions and recommendations to better assist you in your search for quality used tires that suit your needs!

At Used Tire Warehouse, we have a wide range of used tire grades and sizes. We will work with you to acquire the right tires for you. Give us a call today!


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